There is much crafting going on! I have presents and presents and presents that I’m working on.

I’ve been working on my Tiny niece’s quilt. It was the Specialist’s, and it was ruined a ton… (thanks to me) so I’ve been repairing it. I hope they like it. I’ve tried to give it more girlish touches and still keep it’s charm. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I forgot. I’m Going to take an after, definitely! I’ve just got to tie and bind it, and i’ll be set!

Also YOSHI QUILT! Once I get this quilt done, I can MOVE on it. WHOO WHOO! and work on the toys I’m making too! Christmas! I am going to be making at least two robots, two dogs, a cat and probably a couple of totoro’s 🙂 I’m pleased. The downside on this is that I can’t do it until after the girls have gone to bed. WHY? Because they want to help/cuddle and it makes crafting hard, if not adorable.

Anyway. Back to work. here I go.

Derringer meryl [Happy Crafting Happiness] Out

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  • Crafty is good fun. . I actually think that its relaxing.

    Comment | October 25, 2010
  • meryl

    It can be relaxing. Right now, I feel like ripping someone’s face off, but I think that may be from work. Oh and the fact that I got one present almost done and Katie absconded with it. 🙁

    Comment | October 28, 2010

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