At Dinner yesterday Wudan mentioned he didn’t know the song “We Are all on Drugs” by Weezer to which I scoff. I thought my brothers LIKED good music, but apparently he’s not as obsessed with Weezer as I am. He actually accused me of singing a song from High School Musical, and i just looked at him like he needed brain surgery.

we are all on drugs

I mean, I realize that we all don’t get the chance to sit around in our rooms doing homework and listening to music anymore (sad, on the music front anyway) but it’s no excuse to become poorly in touch with one of the most awesomest bands ever! I admit that I have became quite the weezer geek. I am thinking that Weezer has started to replace my love affair with Twilight (Which i would say has burned hot and heavy for a while) and now I have found a new (probably unhealthy) obsession.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Ours was great!

Derringer Meryl [Something Something] Out

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