If i cant make it there i cant make it anywhere

I’m lazy, So I don’t want to figure out what’s up with my lame a (as in the letter) commentin system at the moment.

Tomorrow I have an interview with Myfamily.com (a lot like convergys) and then on thursday I have an interview with the one and only convergys.

I’m not going to say that working for convergys is what I want to do. Or any telemarketing of any kind really… but dang it, apartments that are under $200 are few and far between. And fucking beggers can’t be choosers. (Right Sukie?) And honestly if I can make $8 bucks an hour to do mindless work– I’m set. It’s what I do now, only it pays better with either of those companies. 😀

Great, eh?

Plus, I plan on taking a picture of the basement I live in now (and someday my new apartment *sigh*) and putting them in my purse to take to work everyday, to remind me of where I’ve been, and what I NEED/WANT to keep.

Someday, I want my own Washer and Dryer and refridgerator… and someday, an okay car. Ya know nothing new or flashy … (read: not like Scott’s) just a $600 car, or something. all i need is automatic and AC.

😀 alright. I’m watchin’ I robot… umm yeah.

Derringer Meryl [still nervous about interviews] Out

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