Pictures Galore and FHE

Katie is in the back of my mom’s car asleep after a hard day of shopping and a snack of chex mix

we look like we’re in an expressionist painting. Left to right, Scott, Me, Katie (I’m holding her) Jam Jam, Lorna, and Midori. 🙂 It was FREEZING but we all wanted to see the lights anyway.  We had quite a bit of fun, except for when the annoying High School kids were singing songs that weren’t spiritual Christmas songs. IMO– I don’t want to hear rudolph the red nosed reindeer after coming off the emotional high of having my daughter watch the nativity story for the first time. Thanks a lot HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!!

Katie was nervous about being on the edge, but was having fun anyway. Midori was holding onto her, I hope Jam jam doesn’t mind, I cropped him out of the picture because of his expression, LOL.

This is by the reflecting pool downtown. I love this pool, it does GREAT pictures.

We tried to get Katie to look at the camera, but it didn’t work!!

The rest of the pictures are just me trying to be “artistic” or as artistic as you can be with a camera in your phone. they aren’t PERFECT, but hey, camera phone!

This was taken ON the reflecting pool, which is to say the image you’re seeing is the temple on the pool. You can actually see in the lower right hand corner the lights they float on the pool during winter. I looooooooove this picture.

This year they had a nativity on the pool in addition to the nativity they have next to the north visitor’s center. Really I think it’s great. I love nativities. This one was gorgeous. I wish I could take better pictures of it…. but I hope this at least inspires people in utah to go and see it!

More Nativity, I didn’t get any of this head on, but it was beautiful.

Beautiful! Don’t let my shotty camera work fool you, it’s crazy beautiful up there!

We had a very nice monday night, we actually started it off with dinner at Wendy’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but Wendy’s is the MOST yummy place ever. Seriously I love Wendy’s the most when PG. I have this thing about Mayo when pregnant. I love it. I would probably (don’t read this jen!) eat a mayo sandwich and be giddy about it.


Derringer Meryl [happy day] Out

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  • Mandinkus

    It looks beautiful up there! Question though, is there a way to make the pictures not see-through on your blog? Seeing the background through the pics makes them all look like they were taken through a car window or something. Great pics though, I love the temple shot. Our little one is too small for us to go this year, those of you who can go take advantage of it!

    Comment | December 9, 2008
  • Carolyn

    Looks like fun! I love the chex mix picture 🙂

    Comment | December 10, 2008

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