i love broadway shows

Good News:

Condos Galore in Scott’s friend’s complex. Also, Mandarin has found me a job that pays well. (wahoo!)

Bad News:

It uber costs for us to bring our cats. Like, eight hundred dollars costs. Also, the good job (and I don’t doubt that it is a good Job, and i’m grateful she checked into it) is pushing carts… After work yesterday (six straight hours of standing up! wahoo!) i’m SO looking for a job where I can sit more.

I need to brush my resume (rezoomay) up so it looks better, and has my correct stats. Like now i can type fifty words per-minute (faster if it’s not from another piece of paper (like my own thoughts like i’m doing right here) and that impresses me. I can run word perfect (i’ve been brushing up) and Microsoft Word.

😉 and now i have SOME knowledge of the Legal field. (And I’ll be able to officially say that if I pass my final next week) I chose not to be a Legal Secretary for one main huge gelatinous reason…. it’s a way high stress job. I’m a high stress person by nature (which is funny because Scott’s as low stress as you get)

Anyway. Church. I need to get prettified.

Derringer Meryl [if you’da been there, if you’da seen it] Ou

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