A Tad Stressed

Because i’m a freak, geek, obsessive, odd and so on (none of which are bad… just different) i’ve been looking at headdresses ah-lah Lord of the Rings to go with my Lord of the rings styled wedding dress.

I figure– Sure, I’ll probably only wear it once, but what a great thing to start off as a heirloom! *smirks*

Right. So Since i have a comment feed back thing now– you can tell me which one you like, and how lame and stupid you think I am for wanting to do this.

First is at the bottom of the page. So look there.

Second are a lot more simple than the first. A lot less expensive, but i’m not sure that they’re what i’m looking for.

I’ve looked around and found some pretty ones that just… don’t fit the dress quite the way I want my outfit to look. I’m getting more of a train on my dress than not because my sister-in-law (who designed the dress) did the paper test (to see if it was white enough) found that the dress wasn’t as white as she had hoped. Which means that I’ll be getting a dress to wear in the temple in addition to this one. 🙂

In anycase, that means i get a long flowing gown like I always wanted. 🙂 Huzzah. And it’s LoTR friendly too. I’m thinking about going out to this store down on 90th and buying three evenstars. I think it’d be a great Bridesmaid gift. Even if they don’t like it, they’ll have something pretty, right?


Derringer Meryl [Trying not to clench my teeth] Out

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