Still at school. Wondering what to do. I have nothing to do because Dax is in class, I’m thinking about going and buying a notebook (i have to buy something… cause i said so. Heh) to start my “planning a wedding” journal. Which my mom suggested and Scott agreed that it would be a good idea.

Like I said, I was reading that blasted magazine and it says to me “You are supposed to buy a present for the groom…” and I’m all, “WHAT? Cheeze and rice, I don’t know anything” (Which isn’t an unusual thought, especially with being in school and all.) I just sorta think about it alot.

i was in class today and I talked to my stress management teacher, who i say has to be one of the nicest people in the world. she can turn anything from a negative into a positive. Which I happen to find one of the most useful talents ever. 🙂 I’m trying to implement it into my life, which she said is totally possible (see the positive ness?) I told her that I don’t feel like eating anymore (I just don’t. I feel like i’ve eaten a 24 course meal all the time) and she says “Are you in love?” and I blush, with a tiny Sakura face, and say “Yes, i am.” She grins and tells me that when you fall in love that you tend to lose weight because you stop eating. Also there’s a hormone emitted in your body that makes you feel full all the time. I told her that I had still felt full when I started to shake and my hands were unsteady. She said that i should eat sometimes even when i don’t feel like eating.

Now this may sound like common sense to everyone else, but I’m a firm believer in “If I’m not hungry, why should I eat?” so this thought sorta hit me, and I know that I should eat more than I do now. Heh.

I was in the car with Scott the other day, and we were listening to one of my CD’s (he was shocked (?right word?) that i liked eighties music too) and I put on this song. It was “Fly Me to the Moon – Asuka Bossa Techno” version of the ending to Evangelion. I love Evangelion. What can I say? Asuka’s version is SOOO fitting for us anyway. *looks around* I started humming it the other day while I was thinking of Scott, just randomly, thus I brought out the only CD I have it on. I think I lost the MP3 of it, so i’ve been scouring the net for it, but have yet to have found the exact same version. (I”m sure you’re thinking “Just rip it from your CD, duh!” and if i knew how, I would.) Anyway, it’s a great song. I’m gonna lyric spew it, and then scamper off to find me a new notebook. Just the right size. 😉

Fly me to the Moon, Various Artists

Fly me to the moon,

And let me play among the stars.

Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, hold my hand!

In other words, darling, kiss me.

Fill my heart with song,

and let me sing forever more.

You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.

In other words, please be true!

In other words, I love you!

Derringer Meryl [Off I go] Out

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