The little things

That you wish were true.


The one that I”m holding onto is “If I don’t do it, it will still get done”


I think that one line may just give me a mental break down. It’s the one lie I like to hide behind. It’s NOT true. It becomes more glaringly apparent that it’s not true. Every day. When I’m buried in things.

They will get done. Even if I don’t do it.


Derringer Meryl [ Just about bursting] Out

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Bad Mood

I say, “why can’t people just want to hang out with me?” Scott says “Do you ask them to?” and I say “yes. Frequently. They have bailed a lot” Scott says “Give em the benefit of the doubt.” Which is usually my line.

I will repeat “I am patient. I am nice. I can wait this out.” Really though– it’s the same tune, different words.

Derringer Meryl [Say whatever] Out

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