Sometimes comes up and kicks my booty. I’m going to try and keep this real without getting sad-sacky.


it’s pretty exhausting through. Fighting through the depression. I don’t think it’s wrong on occasion to give in. and just lay around the house and do nothing. As long as I don’t wallow. I don’t have much time to wallow. So usually it’s two days of  “Don’t even ask me to be socially appropriate/touch anything/get dressed” and then I have to pull myself together and go back to work. I think people without depression get this too. Just a weekend to veg. to me, it’s vitally important so I don’t unravel and become BAT SHIT CRAZY.  Which happens sometimes. You know. Craziness.


I try to not flip out.  I’m pretty good now days. I just need time alone.


I do want to start on my quilt. I am consistantly thinking “Maybe today” and then get too tired. But maybe today is the day.


Here’s hoping.

Derringer Meryl [You can’t get me down] out

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