There’s like fifty things that are so much MORE fun

Oi. Life hates me. Want to see?

Barbie is being sold at an insane price, here on Ebay, Mom says she’ll help me bid on it tomorrow. 🙂 Huzzah. 🙂 So, happy for that. Then, Inuyasha’s second part is being sold now. I thought i’d have to wait until February to get the newest one. I’m so excited. That means a whole bunch of Ram will be freed on my computer once I can afford that. Psh. *coughs* and THEN There’s Full Metal Panic (FMP) and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (only the first eight episodes, but STILL) why does this all show up after Christmas?


All this stuff, and I have books to buy. While some people say “Don’t buy them” But then again– i’m not very good at studying without them. HOnest. I have no work ethic. Not to mention– I sorta want to. So, tomorrow I’m going to go buy a basket load of books (nine) adding up to about $350. Fun, eh? And I’m excited, Just because I’m spending a whole paycheck, and then some.

Oi. And it’s not on anything fun, nope, just… stuff.

Derringer Meryl [School Prospects] OUt

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Why Can’t I get MORE?

Once again, it’s a frail-y translated LYRIC SPEW! yeah. So it’s originally Japanese, the Opening song to Full Metal Panic Entitled Tomorrow *smiles wistfully* Here’s to tomorrow. Who knows what it’s going to bring. I hope to have my job, I hope to have all of my family, and I hope to have everything that’s good and right. *raises a glass* Here’s to tOmOrrOw… 🙂

Together we searched for a place to hide

As we ran in the rain

Even if I loose something

There’s one thing I must protect

That’s the meaning of my birth in this world

I’ll go search with you even if it maybe painful

While clinging onto the fresh scenery around us

The prism reflected the orange of

The sunset when the breeze slips through my fingertips

I wish I could devote myself to you so

I want to become more gentle for you

Even if I collect the light which fills this world

Within my pair of hands it’ll light up the darkness

So I won’t get lost as it shines in the long continuous journey.

That’s the meaning of my birth in this world

I’ll go search with you even if it’s painful

While clinging onto the fresh scenery around us

Let’s travel further away

Derringer Meryl [Looking downward to tomorrow] Out

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Reflections and Anime


People say, “Talking about it will make you feel better.” That’s a lie, because about five minutes after you’ve been talking, they just call you a freakin’ whiner. Can you see how i’m gettin mixed signals here? Besides. I’ve talked and talked and TALKED and i don’t feel ANY better about anything. I feel undone. Like i know how i feel, because i sit and HASH and RE-Hashed how i feel about things, and you’d know that if you’re a regular reader. I think about everything, very much. I’m insecure, i’m neurotic, and a little impulsive. When I feel angry about something, i don’t question that feeling, like i should, I just act on it. (shame on me, you’d think i’d have enough psychology NOT to.)

And I do talk about ME alot in this journal, but while you (the reader) may find bits and pieces of insight, this is mostly for me. Sure, i’m thrilled that people from all around the world read my whining for whatever reason (mostly looking for lyrics, actually) but it’s nice– to occasionally find out how people stumble in here. *points to counter* best thing ever! So you know, i don’t write this blog for you– you might find it insightful, or thought provoking to peak into the mind of a girl– but this is for me. 🙂 I’m just a selfish little bint, aren’t i?

I’ve been watching FMP, Full Metal Panic, which i find to be one of the best anime’s ever. It’s partially a mech anime… but unlike gundam (the most noted Mech Anime) it actually has a storyline that isn’t wound up in the mechs. Basically, it’s a romance, slightly awkward (Ala Love Hina) but i’m supposing they throw the mechs into the mix to keep the guys happy (girls watch for the romance, guys watch for the military mechs. 😉 overall, excellent. Funny, Fan Service (for the Otakus), and an intricate story line, allowing for the a-typical “Pervert” jokes (ala Love Hina) as well as the deep terrorism drama, makes for a very thrilling show. I’d recommend buying it all at once, waiting for all of the DVDS to be released one at a time can be frustrating, since most of the episodes have cliff-hanger endings. 🙂

Anyway, I have a story to write, (Fifty-eight reviews total!) I’m stoked, and hope to thrill my readers, and not disappoint.

Derringer Meryl [Do YOU love Asian DVDS?] Out

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