amazing what itll do to you

about the sudden upbeat “I can Do it” Adittude. Scott woke up this morning with a serious case of the blues. This awoke me to the fact that, wow, Scott thinks it sucks here too. He loves me, and I should be doing more to get us the hell out of here.

So I am.

I love Scott’s family. While I don’t exactly love living with them here. We have no real technical walls, we have no privacy, not even a bathroom of our own really. (There is a case of slight sharing) There is no carpet, there is no sunlight… nothing. We can’t cook anything to eat after a certain time because we might wake his parents, we can’t stick anything on the walls because a) no walls, and b) stuff won’t stick to cement. *sighs*

So yeah. LIfe here sucks. I’m doing my best to improve it. I really want Scott to feel better. I want him to smile and not worry… So I even applied at convergys. DUN DUN DUN!

Derringer Meryl [That’s the power of love] Out

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