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In love with Stephenie Meyer. I’m sorry. It’s true. I think she’s a genius, and I’d follow her around all day with a note pad just to write down random things she says…then I’d type them all up and sell them to the Smeyer junkies who are just like me.

In other news, I am going to the Twilight Movie tonight. I am seeing that it is getting mixed/poor reviews, but I don’t care. I’ll hug and love on it anyway– Because It’s twilight– and I’m fairly clingy. You know what can’t/won’t reject you? A book. Damn straight. 😀

Today is Jen’s Party. Happy B-day Jen…. Even though your B-day isnt’ today, I’ll probably be too sugar wasted to tell you happy day tomorrow 😉 I forgot my part of the pot luck so luckily for me Scott was a real trooper and saved me and picked up some cupcakes from the store. YAY. Scott has also been exceedingly excellent about dinner. He makes it almost every night. Last night it was crock pot chinese food, and I didn’t eat too much because I was feeling a bit under the weather, it was still very yummy. Katie has been sick, I assume she got it from Alice who was recovering from a similar snotty nose and fever last weekend when they hung out… it’s ok though, Katie has an appointment with the doctor on Monday– so we should be in the clear.

Currently we have no weekend plans that I’m aware of — I really hope it stays what way. I need to do a heavy cleaning on my house and pray that it stays clean for the weekend. If anyone wants to hang out and keep me (and Katie) company while we clean, that would be excellent. it’s tough staying motivated to clean when it feels like you have a toddler following after you undoing the books you put on the shelf, scattering more trash, etc etc So while you feel like you’re getting something done, at the same time you feel like NOTHING has been done because … well The little girl behind you has just unfolded all the laundry, blankets, brought all her toys back out of her toy room, and basically been an absolute BUTT about the whole thing. Poor Scott doesn’t seem to have this problem, but he usually (i do believe) traps her in her High Chair while cleaning. Did I mention he did a GREAT Job cleaning the kitchen and basement the other day? I was stunned, and giddy! it’s really nice to come how to a clean house. I appreciate all he does. He takes care of Katie and Bella… He put in a cat door to the garage so now our basement won’t smell like cat poo! (yay!) and he’s currently working on putting in a  new faucet in the bathroom downstairs. I’m so proud! He’s such a hard worker, and since we found out I was expecting he’s really stepped it up. Which I have to say Is SUPER appreciated. I’m more than willing to contribute, but some nights its’ hard, and I really love coming home to dinner and a nice house. And other days I clean the house and cook. It’s great that we switch off.

Did I mention I love Scott? I want to follow him around and write down the things he says…. oh wait. LOL. I do love him though. More than Stephenie Meyer!

Derringer Meryl [Does your Mother know?] Out

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