I hate pants jeans and capris

Today Scott and I are going clothes shopping. It’s a new experience because no one but my mom has ever gone clothes shopping with me, and so no one knows how really picky I am but me.

I hate clothes shopping. I mean…. Okay, i love it, but it’s a sincere love hate relationship. I love the clothes, they hate my body. Especially jeans. I hate shopping for jeans because nothing ever fits. After visiting fifteen stores TRYING to find good jeans that fit, and getting super frustrated in the process, I get really depressed. This is the area I attribute most of my poor self image to come from. I don’t fit in the sizes two to eight category (and I never have, I can guarantee) and I feel fat and gargantuan. Every pair of jeans (cept my trusty Japan jeans) clings to my body and I hate that. It’s like painting on cloth and saying I’m wearing clothes. If i was comfortable enough with my body to wear nothing, I would wear the stupid skin tight jeans.

I’m not comfortable with my body, and ihave to wear a pair. I’m wearing them right now.

I hate these jeans with a passion. Now, the brand is great, i love the store I got them from (mostly because it was the first place ALL day I had found jeans that fit me. as in went up past my thighs fit me.) The thing is, they’re like super low rider jeans, which I hate, and they aren’t long enough because I didn’t realize this brand of jeans came in short, medium and long in addition to the size…. and they’re tight, as I mentioned before. Very very tight. :-S I hate it.I HATE IT SO MUCH!

So, Poor Scott, doesn’t know what he’s getting into by wanting to go find matching outfits (ish) for our engagement pictures.

Oh, and I don’t wear shorts. that just does NOT happen with me. All girls shorts are hot pants. All of them. I do not wear them. I do not wear capris. I’m white as the day is long, and I have disgusting fat legs. i hate them too. :{

Derringer Meryl [Shirts I can find and wear] Out

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