Job or no job

Interview update.

I went for my interview around 3:00 today, i think it went rather well. I was just running some numbers through my head… and I realized if I got this job, I’d be making $720 (before taxes) every two weeks. That’s freaking bank. I”m sorry. I”m used to a very VERY piddly amount every week (see about a hundred or so) If I can work both my jobs (I’m hoping it’s a reality) that means Every month I’d be making $1440 from one job and $400 (ish) from another for a grand total of $1840 from me every month to go toward bills and rent. WAHOO.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Scott’s family. I love spending time with his siblings, they’re absolute fun and a half. seriously. Scott loves spending time with them too. I just need out of this basement, and into a place of our own.

I really hope i get this job!

But since I seem to be a bad luck charm …. (Heh.) I think i’m gonna go look through the want ads anyway, because I’ve only had a job work out on the first try once, and I’m still there for a reason.

Derringer Meryl [GS lovins] Out

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