Crazy week

So last week we got some funding that came through to fix up a few things on the house. Namely: The roof, the furnace and the A/C. We are ripping off our cooler (haha stupid cooler) replacing the roof, installing central air and fixing a problem with our furnace (namely the blower) In order to do that, we’ve been taking bids from everyone on the face of the planet. Oddly, I’ve only had one company not reply, I am sure it’s due to not servicing our area, but it’d be nice if they had A) listed that on their website, or B) replied saying “sorry we don’t service your area.” Now they just look like douchebags. Geezy.

In any case, in addition the above house fixin’s we have had to fix our cars. My car is broken… (WAS broken) and leaking coolant. Scott and I learned this the hard way with my Civic, that leaking coolant is BAD. Really in that case it was more of a coolant explosion, but WHATEVER. We are very sensitive to these matters. We repaired a couple of hoses on it and it seems to be a happier camper. I hope it stays that way. Scott’s car is leaking oil like a siv and they weren’t’ sure where from. that’s Saturday’s adventure. we also are planning to shuck the roof free of shingles. Not sure when. But we need to wait until after it rains, get a good time period of sun, schedule the roofers to come in after we’re done, and find people with pick up trucks. We aim to save a butt load of cash feeding some of our friends/family to do this work instead of paying some very nice gentlemen to do it for us.  BTW, if you’re reading this, and are a dear sweet person who wants to help, let us know. You may freely cuss and swear at our roof, also food and drinks and Nice cooshy couches are available. As well as two emergency rooms within 10 minutes of our house incase you harm yourself. I recommend wearing good shoes (boots!) and long pants.

Please please please come help us. Did I mention please? I’m not sure when we’re doing it. Need to talk to the roofers and coordinate there.

Anyway. I am exhausted. I hurt for whatever reason. So I am going to DOSE UP some Ibuprofen and lay down for a while. *sigh*

Derringer Meryl [Roof. you shall be the death of me] Out


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Money, College, and Jobs…. what is things that suck?

Money sucks. A lot. It’s like the uber suckiness of all time. I hate it. I hope it rots and dies, and then I follow there after.

Oh, and in a close second comes college. College sucks ass. The fact you have to pay for books (written by pompous jackasses) pay for classes, pay to park, pay to eat, pay to sleep…. what don’t you have to pay for? Honest. The person who thought that higher education is great, is a complete jackass. I hope to kill him, and follow soon after.

Oh, Right. My family reviewed their monetary standing today, and lets say, we’re standing below the newest Joe Millionare by some degree. *grumbles* I don’t want to go to college (one of the sources of our lack o’money) and i really don’t want to continue my education. For Heavens sakes, i just got done with friggin’ 13 years of education, my brain hurts from all of that, and now, i’m back. For year 14, and i’m tired. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to go, because my general education requirements are mostly done– like i have four or so credit hours left, and i really don’t want to DO any more. I don’t know what i want to be when i grow up, and i’m not going to know by the beginning of January.

I’ve narrowed it down, lets see… out of everything i could be in the world– I don’t want to be something that involves other people, crowds of people, talking on the phone to people, or touching people. Does that narrow it down for you? I thought it would. So basically, if it’s a job– and it has people there, i don’t want to do it.

I’m pickier than hell.

Derringer Meryl [Suffer Me this] Out

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