Who Whizzed in your Cheerios?

Have you ever thought that? I have people in my life that I feel are almost giving me flat tires…. If you don’t know what a flat tire is, it’s when someone walks so closely behind you that they accidentally pull your shoe off from stepping on it. usually happens a lot with flip flops.

I just.. I know I can do things well if I can just have a little space. JUST GIVE ME A LITTLE SPACE!

Anyway. I have finally started tying my robot quilt. I hear the cries of “TYING! WTH!” but at the same time, I just want it done. so… Yeah. I used high Loft batting. I love love love fluffy quilts. Got it on sale, so bonus. Then I just have Kate’s quilt, and then I have one other on a super back burner. It’s a non issue.

Then, I hope to have an Accuquilt GO to do some Dye cutting with (oh  baby!) and then do my Portal quilt. That I dream about nightly. Ok not really. But I do think about it a lot.

I am working on my book. I think about it. and pet the ideas I have in my head. I am writing some Physically in journals I have. Scott was super DUPER sweet and got me some composition books. They were like $0.40, but what does the price matter when he was being supportive. I really appreciate it. I’m scared to let him read it some day, but… hopefully he’ll like it. And hopefully some day I’ll publish it. And make money with it. It’s a dream. and a bit far fetched. But… Hope springs eternal.

Happy day.

Work is worky. I am trying. Did I mention a promotion? If not, I have now. It’s good.  We have been ill. It is not good. I feel like with the season change, or maybe it’s this time of year. I am feeling kind of bummed. Just… Down a little? Having problems with my sleep cycle. We’ll see how it works out. It’s funny, how stressed a person can be, doing nothing, and do a lot of something, and still be very stressed out.


Derringer Meryl [something something] Out

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