My life.


Seriously. I’m pretty excited about it all though. last week we had Sukie’s babyshower, which went well. Some people thought I was Wudan’s twin, which I am completely used to. We are at the point in our lives that 4 years just really isn’t that big of a difference in age. 😉 Besides my brother is awesome. So I am no longer bothered by this common statement. I was in charge of games, and it went well, I think anyway. Sukie agreed, and was really awesome about everything. 🙂 I went straight from that to doing a talk the next day for Church. That didn’t go as swimmingly… but whatever. I miss having time to speak publicly, and prepare well and everything. Oh well.

I have been going through a lot of emotional stuff lately. I realize that I have been putting people in weird awkward positions trying to take up some slack for emotional needs I have. I’m a pretty needy person. Anyway. I am working on a lot of stuff. I’m like… day… 25 on my hair and make up challenge. I’m on week 6 of my biggest loser challenge, and have only lost 6 lbs that have stayed off. I need to work harder. Things are just chaotic, and I keep saying “tomorrow I will do better” But it’s rough. I was counting on DQ for a lot of help with it, and now she’s off with her boyfriend… and it’s not her fault, I just need to find more self reliance, and become stronger as a person. So i am working on that as well. I am re-starting (jump starting) my biggest loser challenge as of Monday. Which means no more diet coke and more calorie counting and more water.

In exciting news, I will be an aunt three times over this year, I am thrilled! I was telling a friend of mine that I have one more SIL that needs to get knocked up and I will have Ut Preggo SIL Bingo 😉 Plenty of Chances to throw more showers. 🙂 Additionally, Scott got the promotion he was up for, and he got the shift he wanted. Which means no more driving all over creation and eating out like I was before three days a week…. and now we don’t need a babysitter. We are forever grateful for the many people who helped us with our girls while Scott was working his crazy shift. My understanding boss, Carebear (who did the majority of the care), Frik, Squirt, Midori, Scribbles, my mother in law, Scott’s best friend and wife (who we refer to as Nick and Jessica within my family, no offense guys!!). We really appreciate it, especially since the girls were sick, and stuff. I appreciate there are people we can rely on in tight spots, especially since sometimes we called last minute, or IM’d last minute, or emailed really late at night. We really love all of our family and friends, even if you weren’t able to help… I know a lot of people wanted to.

Wudan watched Kate during the baby shower, and I love hearing about people’s interactions with her when I return. Especially people who havent’ gotten to spend a lot of time with her. She really enjoyed spending time with Wudan and The Boy. I handed off Audg to Wudan to show how fussy she gets around others, but hey, turns out she loves Wudan like me. 🙂  HAHA. It’s great.

Things are good. On occasion I have a hard time remembering it. I have a wonderful Husband, two beautiful kids, and a good job.

Derringer Meryl [I love that you love me] Out

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