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Derringer Meryl [adrift] Out

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Baby Pool

Whoo. Go there, and guess my friends.

I don’t know what’s up with me and vomiting, we were on friendly terms, a gag here and there, but yesterday it was like I saved up all my morning sickness for one day and just had a puke fest. WHOO. Am I glad that’s over. Scott was super supportive, and Katie did as best as she could being 19 months and all. She didn’t understand why mommy didn’t want to cuddle and hug and hold her. I felt miserable. Scott got me crackers and made me toast and got me some sprite. I appreciated it. At 4 am (what started the puke fest IMO) was Katie puking from having TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE. She’s not unlike her mom who (upon eating too many sweets) pukes her guts out. so i had to toss her in the bath after removing two puke soaked layers I had to wash her hair (puke in it) luckily Scott came home on his break to save me and help me clean up puke! My amazing sweet awesome husband of mine– Not to mention he’s been super sweet about all the snow that’s been gently floating down. If only the ice was as nice about me falling to the ground… which I haven’t done yet.

I’ve told most everyone, but my dr’s appointment on monday went mildly well. My doctor was glad my BP went down a little, but apparently it wasn’t enough as he’s now ordering me to pee in a jar. Yay, urine collection! I’m not too thrilled about it as my time… well there isn’t a ton of it and lugging a jar of pee around for 24 hours isn’t something I relish.  Also, you have to keep it cool. That is to say, keep the pee in your fridge. UGH. Not to mention this weekend is the best weekend to do it as I only have two parties (i know, right? That’s the “best” weekend??) and they are mostly home parties. I figure if I go to party A (with my family in SLC) and just not pee the entire time… and then the other party is all around in the valley, so I should be good if i need to pee, I’ll just hold it until I get home, or I’ll be at home 🙂 Plus I’m not a huge drinker of drinks (non alcoholic of course) so I don’t usually need to pee often.

UGH. SO if I leave parties early, or if I seem awfully grouchy this weekend. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

The other half is extreme violence.
Derringer Meryl [Battle] out

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