Sometimes I get grumpy. REALLY STUPID grumpy. And the matter of the fact is, I shouldn’t be upset that people in my life aren’t taking me out and saying “Come hang out with me” The matter of the fact is, who says I need to wait around for them?:P I’ll do what I want, and I don’t need any super fancy invite. My mom used to tell me that when people draw a circle around them to leave me out, to draw a circle around them to bring them in. And as nice as that sentiment is, I think I’m going to draw a circle to keep me in. I’m tired of gettin’ worn out and busted up tired and sad from trying to get people to want to be in my life.

You don’t want to be here? That’s just damn fine with me. When you decide to come back, that’s just damn fine too. Have a good time enjoying your life, and I’ll have a good time enjoying mine. Maybe you’ll have time for me in the next life.

Derringer Meryl [Truth] Out

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