Bucket List

I’m getting… Older… Who isn’t? So I thought i’d start a list of things I”d like to do.

  1.  Go to the temple in at least 5 other states (other than Utah)
  2. Go to the temple in a foreign country (any)
  3. Learn Japanese
  4. Be a stay at home mom
  5. Go to school, Even if it’s for fun
  6. Write a Book (even if I can’t publish it)
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. See the sunset/rise at both coasts 🙂
  9. Visit Seattle <3
  10. Go to a black sand beach
  11. Go to Japan in the Spring (for the Cherry Blossoms)
  12. See a Kangeroo in the wild!
  13. Drive On a Race Track (Thanks a lot Top Gear! haha)
  14. Hike Bridal Veil Falls
  15. Teach my kids how to be good people.
  16. Ride the London Eye
  17. Serve a Mission
  18. Drive the Autobahn
  19. Mail a Secret to Post Secret
  20. Fire Walk!
  21. Go Canoe/Kayaking
  22. See the Redwoods
  23. Have a FULL SanFran experience (Chocolate, Bridge, Trolly, Alcatraz)
  24. Go To Sundance Film festival
  25. Go to Boston
  26. Go to PAX (east or west)
  27. Make a quilt, for the childs play charity auction (My finest quilt yet.)
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