We can live like Jack and Sally if we want…

Things i’ve learned lately:

1. No matter what, it’s really not a good idea to try to do the Night at the Roxbury thing while skating. Really. Don’t try it, unless you like falling down. (See: What Is Love? [7″ Mix] – Haddaway)

2. Sometimes the best laid plans give way to the most memorable moments.

3. As said by someone very wise: “Why is it when your life is in danger you can only yell one or two words?” (See: IRON GATE! or possibly BIG STICK!)

4. What could be more fun than having your own inside joke? (See: Mango the Zombie and Necro-Nancy)

5. Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. These simple things can also cause certain people to giggle insanely for long amounts of time, and possibly grin at unexpected moments.

6. Having Tenth Kingdom Marathons are also known to make certain people grin as well.

7. I am the entertainment of my family. I am the newest soap opera– I suppose — and I love it.

8. Songs on Repeat while writing can make you smile as you remember people…. and moments.

9. Every near death experience remembered makes me appreciate everyone I know who is alive.

10. Every scary experience, say falling in love, is worth it.

I got a check in the mail today, and I’m so excited. I’m going to FINALLY get my Inuyasha with it, unless I can think of something else to do with it. I really should save it– but I want to have something to do while i’m unable to move during Spring Break (I’m getting the little lovelies removed off of my foot again. Hopefully they’ll stay away this time.) I really hope I don’t get scheduled next wednesday, but I know Guts or maybe Monkey would be willing to switch with me. 😉 I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to go to work, cause i’d rather hang out with Scott and his friends.

(looks at her TV) huh, my DVD has a scratch or a defect. Hm.

*coughs and goes back to her previous statement* I know that might make no sense to anyone here, but i love work. I spend a lot of my time there. They are my only social outlet.

Looks like my counter broke 1700, thanks guys and gals!

Bah, I must go and cook and see when I work.

Derringer Meryl [Angel from my Nightmare] out

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