This in no way is directed at anyone in particular

Well, i’ve just finished watching the first two Matrix Movies. Edited of course. *smiles* See I have this thing… where I get excessively guilty if I break a rule. It’s a rule not to watch Rated R movies. So there ya go.

Can I say i’m so stressed out. I have a psychology paper due tuesday, a chapter i should be reading, 12 lines of blank verse I should be writing….

and honestly, i don’t know how to count iambic pentameter. I’m horrid at it. Blah. Not to mention I can’t tell where an accent is or isnt’ for the life of me. Maybe I can find something to help me online? Hey, if you find one, you should tell me!

Have you ever seen Ally McBeal? Ya know, in the beginning before it got too… tangenty? She’d always go off into these little dream worlds where something she wished would happen, did. I had a moment like that today. One of my mom’s friends (acquaintance, whatever.) was talking, and i heard a car door slam, and that’s all it took for me to be propelled into a dream-like state.

I heard faint stomping outside as someone cleaned off their shoes, I assumed it to be my brother, since he was outside cleaning the sidewalks off, but the doorbell rang, which is something someone who lives in the house doesn’t do unless it’s locked. So I excused myself from the dull conversation and crossed the room. I turned the door to see an incredibly hansome man looking at me. He gave me a stoney glare. I shrugged it off as I exited outside to talk to him. There was the faint sound of shoveling in the background, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. “What do you want?” I asked Jarringly. I seem irritated, my arms folded across my chest, half in anger, half in a sincere attempt to keep myself warm. His eyes soften. “I’m sorry.” He whispers momentarily, and takes a step towards me. “But I can’t take all this time away from you. What I said….” he looks me in the eye. “It was wrong. I don’t want to be away from you. I don’t want this to be a once in a while thing. I want to be with you.” By this time his hands have settled on my hips, pulling me towards him. I rest my head on his chest, inhaling the scent i associate with him. “I can’t live without you anymore.” He whispers in my ear. I’m breathless. Every moment is right. He’s the right guy, i’m the right girl (he just said so, finally!) and he leans in, and I stand on my tip toes (just a little) and i’m swept into the most romantic kiss known to man….

but them i’m jarred back into reality with the question if i’m dating anyone. I say no. That’s really my choice, as well as my private business, isn’t it?

Derringer Meryl [Crazy Confused] Out

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