IF I could start again, a million miles away

Nothing better than being wrenched awake by the screams of a four year old for his Grandma. Oh Yes, It’s been a pleasant morning.

My hands are better, thanks to my mom and her meddling ways, I guess I shouldn’t say that, it doesn’t sound like i’m really thankful. Shame on me… and two days before thanksgiving… *sighs*

I worked with Artemis last night. Sh’e just so funny. Dateless called her and he’s apparently sick. Poor guy. *frowns* i’m still the uneasy queen, and despite the fact that Monkey once again left his sunglasses at work, they’re still at work. I’m better about my clepto ways…. LOL, I’m not really a clepto, i just like to tease Monkey.

It’s a little crazy. I’m still bad– and the things i’ve done are bad– and i don’t know how to … i don’t know where the stopping is. I guess i don’t have the will to, for oneof my evil ways. THe guilt is going to eat me….. and well– someday i’ll be eaten from the inside out, and the minions of the devil will drag me speedily down to hell.

Derringer Meryl [Bad Bad Bad] Out

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