You’ve got to be KIDDING me….

Late Night Huzzahs!

Mostly the delusions of my mind being too warm while we drove down to the local college town (Only one hour away, what goodies) I thought about why I play video games, and why I work at a video games store, because honestly– I’m not an OG like i pretend to be. I’m a fairly ‘casual gamer’ that is, until i started working at the store, i wasn’t deep into video games– or anything…. ya know? Then I met this guy, he’s also the reason i’m really into Anime, and he liked video games, and so, then I liked video games….

Now don’t get me wrong, i don’t, in all reality, hate video games (like some girls who change themselves to get guys, I hate girls like that…. i’m such a hypocrite) What is really going on here, is that– I”m willing to try new things because someone else is interested in them. Sure, that person maybe a really hot guy, but HEY, it’s stretching my mind a little, okay? So Yeah. 🙂

and yeah, i’ve figured, i’ve done a lot in my life (short as it’s been) For guys sakes. I’ve moved, and stretched, and changed for guys. (Not that i’ve ever had one change for me ever, but that’s not the point here…) The point is, i’ve become the product of what the opposite sex seemed to be interested in, and instead of becoming the really hot girl who everyone wants to date because she’s SO understanding, and SO cool and laid back about stuff, i’ve become…. One of the guys Isn’t that great?

No, I (After molding myself to what i *Thought* guys wanted) have come to realize that guys want someone who is completely moronic, that they can feel smart when they talk to because they (their significant other) have no clue what they’re talking about. I’ve seen it at my own home, i’ve seen it at work…. i’ve seen it everywhere. Don’t tell me it’s not true, because i know it is. *leers* Stupid, Pretty, and Skinny. That’s the ideal woman…. Oh, and having boobs so big that her back will break, that’s good too.

So Yeah, I’m SLIGHTLY cynical about what guys want from a girl, but that’s because i’ve been trying to be what I THOUGHT guys wanted for so long, that’s it’s me now. Who I am– and now… I’m just sorta screwed.

Oh, and, Guster (awesome band, heard about them from Gert) is coming to town soon. I’d like to go, just because i’d like to do anything other than stay at home, and because i’d like to go with Gert. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [My Moods Don’t swing, Silly!] Out

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