In my life, it’d be to be more like her

Wedding Bells? Is that what I can hear?

Yeah, it is. My friend Hikergirl, is getting married this month. I’m excited for her, just because she’s so happy. I can’t help but wishing her the best, and I’m going to get her a present from me… just me, not my parents too. *smiles*

See– the year my brother and sister-in-law got married, i had a real rough time with them getting married– I wrote about it in here, I just can’t remember where i did, for the life of me. … anyway. It was way hard for me. and for some reason, I told her– I told her, this friend of mine. In fact I told everyone in my ward that i tried to kill myself. I don’t know why I did, and i still don’t– but i was walking back to the car to go back down the canyon (i wasn’t camping with the rest of them.) and she hugged me so tight– so tight… that i knew she cared. I knew it meant something to her– me living. We were never close– not like Red and I are, or anything, but we always had something– we’d talk and what not– and i wish her the best in her new life. The very best. If there’s anyone in this world who deserves it, it’s her. I never told her how much it meant to me– that hug– but you bet i will.

Life is made up of little moments– like that one — that make it worth living.

Derringer Meryl [If i could do anything] Out

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