the one where I want to be a real blogger

You know, the bloggers who have actual followers and they get free crap in the mail! THAT KIND!! The Julie/Julia Kind, A Ree Drummond or Crissy from Toy With Me (Mom don’t read that blog. Seriously. Don’t.)

I should get my stuff together and really write something. Sit down, organize and write. I want to be a real writer. I want to be able to have people read my stuff and love it. I’ve got so much to say– now to get a theme, and write it!

Don’t have enough debt to write about getting out of it, don’t have enough talent to cook (I’m lame like that) I only know a little about gardening, and it’s awfully late in the season for it. I could do a geek quilting blog. Or just a quilting blog. I really need to get motivated on my quilting project.

Who knows. Maybe I could write about being a depressed mom who works at a job that makes her insane? (hoohoo?) or maybe I should just stick to fiction 😉

Derringer Meryl [I wish i could find a spot just for me]

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