Heath Update

For those of you who read my blog who aren’t privy to my facebook info… or would like to light facebook on fire (Scott would) I finally hauled my sorry (vomiting) self to the Dr’s office and found out that I have a kidney infection. BLAH! So I’m drinking lots of water, taking antibiotics, and hoping I don’t get MORE sick, which would require a trip to the hospital.

Derringer Meryl [not my year] Out

PS. This has taught me a valuable lesson of taking care of myself as I would my husband or child. If they were feeling sick i would make sure they got to the doctor. I need to do that for myself as well.

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  • Mandinkus

    No more sick! I’m glad you finally went to the Dr. I am the same way though, I hardly ever go to the Dr when I am sick.

    Comment | September 21, 2009

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