We have lowered our themometer down to 65 in an attempt to keep our Heating bill down (HAHA!) and have been using our fireplace more and more. Mostly because it’s easier to burn boxes (from moving) and other cardboard and paper from around the house (as well as some wood the previous owners left behind.) It usually keeps the house warm for 4-5  hours at 70+ degrees. I appreciate the fire, and after getting our last bill, I nearly fainted. The main problem we encounter is that SCOTT likes to be cold (fans open windows) where as i like to be warm. So I have taken to dressing warmer (long sleeves, socks slippers etc) and dressing katie warmer too (since she tends to be with me on the warm v cold thing) It’s been an interesting time. Even though it’s only been 24 hours, It’s become clear I need to invest in some warm PJ’s for Katie as most of what she has now are summer Pj’s…

Also I’m going to do something my mom did when we were growing up, cover windows with plastic to keep the warm in and the cold out. We have no curtains (Sadly) and no curtain rods either, so I we don’t have ANYTHING keeping the heat in!

UGH. But it’s nothing horrible.

I did my glucose test yesterday. The Lab people told me I might fail because I ate breakfast (UGH, I don’t enjoy the thought of doing a 3 hr test… four blood draws too! UGH UGH UGH!) but it was just eggs. They took 6 vials of blood and I was there for … I’d say an hour and a half. I had to get all the admitting paperwork done. I felt weird, every one else (all the other pg women) were like 24-28 weeks, and I was there to take the same test … 9 weeks. Oh well.  I Hope everything turns out ok. I have been working really hard on keeping myself unstressed. I’m being extra non confrontational. I nearly exploded when Scott told me he was scheduled to work Christmas, especially since he worked last year and a lot of holidays this year. (and last year for that matter) Luckily Frik fixed it and found some one to take Scott’s place. Which I really appreciated– Scott had to work last Christmas, it was quite depressing for me, I dont’ like being alone on Holidays, but Everyone else was with family, and while i could have stayed in SLC but there wouldn’t have been anyone to take me home.

we’re going to a baby blessing (wahoo) today, so I need to wake Scott up shortly, and get Katie dressed, as well as myself. it’s going to be an interesting afternoon. 😀

Derringer Meryl [how sweet] out

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