Sick, and sicker

With Katie I pretty much felt OK in the evenings as far as sickness. Now it comes and goes– all day. I have to be continually stuffin’ food in my face to make it ok. Which kind of goes against my wishes to not gain too much weight this pregnancy 😛 Oh well. I will try and be good– and do what I must.

To my siblings and friends, I’m sorry I bailed on movie night tonight– I was JUST so sick and tired. Since I was in charge of driving, I chose not to risk it and stay at home. I will be up tomorrow. Scott and I, I still would LOVE to meet The Specialist’s fiancee, if at all possible…?

I got a lot of shopping done today (which is probably what made me so tired.) So I only have my H family draw (which we keep a secret, which makes it hard to find out what to get people sometimes)

Anyway– I”m gonna head off, just a little post for now

Derringer Meryl [tired] Out

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