I’m at Scott’s house. It’s interesting here. Oh, and it looks like after Scott and I are married, we’ll be living here for a while. I think that’s silly.

I can see through my hands….

Right. Um… sometimes I like to pay attention to the things I’m doing. Two of Scott’s siblings are sick. It’s quite interesting. 🙂 One of them is currently running around like a rabid puppy trying to bite Scott’s sister…. it’s an new experience. I never had any younger siblings, and my experiences with my brothers being rabid puppies are limited to Dax, and Dax alone. 🙂

Just kidding Dax. I love you man!

He’s more of a radio active rabid puppy dog. 😀

Scott and I got to spend some time with Red this past wednesday. I’d like to send out a great big thank you for her not telling any sort of horrible stories. And I’d like to thank God that the horrid pictures that Red once had of me, have either been burned, lost, or will shortly be going to Lafayette with her. 😀

We played a lot of games on Wednesday, and then we had Dinner with our parents (all together, one big dinner event!)

I got my invite list done for this. If you don’t get an invite, it’s because you just didn’t send me your address… and you suck butt.

Derringer Meryl [Scott’s Back!] Out

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