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Scott’s sick…. Poor Kid… He really should be at home asleep. Seeings as how he’s diabetic and his immune system is more sensitive and what not. He needs more sleep than the average bear to get better. I’ve been trying to do better about keeping him at home lately.

And then his friends ask him to go play D&D. I love D&D, it’s fun to do and you get to act all in whacky ways you couldn’t in real life. Still. It runs late and he’s already sick. I like healthy fiancee’s. Not sick ones. (I mean, I still love him and what not… but he’s sick and should be at home sleeping.

It makes me very VERY angry that Mandarin would do something like ask him to play when he’s sick. They know him better than I do, and they know that when he’s sick he should be sleeping. All he’s going to be doing AT D&D is sleeping until they need him and then waking him up to help out.

Good Grief. I worry SO Much about his health. It’s scary for me. I know how easily diabetics get sick (my mom is one) it’s scary for me because I love him so much, and i worry that he’ll get really sick.

I guess it’s selfish for me to love him this much.

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