So I’ve been sucking uberly at updating more often. I don’t know what it was about THIS week, but it killed me. It’s getting hard to go to all of my classes (icky classes) but I keep in mind that I only have about eighteen more days, and I’m okay. (wahoo!)

I went only to my psychology class today, I was simply exhausted when I woke up this morning, and i’m not really sure why. *shrugs* So i pretty much stayed home and slept until around eleven-thirty and then we had to take dax to class (silly boy) and I went with my mom while she picked out stuff for Scott and I’s wedding quilt. (the blue hand embroidered one) I was really exhausted, and slept in the car too.

I went to pick up some boxes from Animeboi’s store (he’s also known as Miroku for his lecherous tendencies) As I was leaving he touched my arm. My mom made a big deal about it (in a joking kind of manner) and asked if I was going to tell Scott. (Which I did by the way) I brushed it off. He had his chance at me (He did too) and passed it up. Now I’m off limits and he seems interested. 😛 Boys are stupid…. all of them except for Scott.

I played my practical joke on Scott tonight (I spent all day thinking about it) I told him my ring went down the drain… Yeah. So it wasn’t as ‘neat’ as his was, but dang it, I had only a little time to work with, and a very cynical person TO work with. So, yeah. He said I got him a little bit. (Only a little) but he hasn’t been gotten in a while, so it was okay. I pulled my ring back out (it was in the ring box) and put it on. It’s been causing a bit of grief, as it enjoys stabbing Scott and I to no end.

Scott’s best friend, (who I do believe NEEDS a nickname) and his best friend’s girlfriend came over tonight to hang out. It’s not like we talked (the four of us) really. it was cuddlesville on the couch (me and Scott) and makeout-town on the recliner.

I don’t know. I’m not into huge pda’s. I love kissing Scott, but right now, I’m not super comfortable with kissing him in front of peoples. *thinks* good grief, how to explain this? I’m a pretty private person. That’s why I talk quiet (and everyone has to ask twelve times what I say) and I’m pretty shy. I think i’ll be better after we’re married. *shrugs* i can’t really say. Also, I’m with Scott on the whole Don’t want to make out and ignore our friends type thing. (Not that my friends come around too often… but the concept) Besides, i like cuddling, I like it a lot. I remember when I was younger, i was always giving hugs. The specialist can recount that. I was always stuck about his waist giving him a hug. Of course that was undeniably lame for him, considering he was in High School, and trying to be the uber cool. I think that sorta broke me of my hugging tendencies. (Along with the years of TV conditioning “Boys don’t like clingy girls.”) Now it’s so nice to hug someone and just… hold on.

Anyway. I have so much to do, and so little time to do it in…. I better go read and soak and what not. 😀

Derringer Meryl [My Pocky Seduced you?] Out

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