Right Next To Jello

So many things buzzing through my brain…. lets start with where my brain is first.

I never thought I would have a Fiance. So looking back on my entries, I wrote them as if no one was reading but me. If you ever choose to go back in time and read my angsty highschool ramblings, keep that in mind. Not only if you’re Scott, but if you’re someone reading this. I didn’t expect people to read this… and it’s written as such.

Next, I was thinking about Strawberry Shampoo. I own strawberry shampoo, and I was considering how i came about to own it. While I know Scott loves Strawberries bunches and lots– that’s not when I got it originally. It was because of reading too many Buffy fan fictions. When you describe a scent of someone (Buffy in this case) you like to attribute it to a certain welcoming smell. (at least romantically) Buffy got a lot of Vanilla and Strawberry. So I chose those. I literally have Strawberry Shampoo and Vanilla shampoo in my shower because of Buffy. How oddly sad is that? Now, Normally I like the Vanilla better. I used to use it more often than not– But upon hearing Scott’s favor for Strawberry, I switched– just because. I wanted to see if he’d notice…. (He did, kinda. He didn’t mention it until I mentioned it. :)) I was thinking though– if Joss Whedon sat down with some fragrance people and created a scent and said “This is the scent that Spike can smell on Buffy. It’s what draws men to her. Sure, she has bad luck with men, but you could change that for yourself with this scent.” Yeah, probably not the best wording ever, but it’d sound a lot smoother coming from Joss himself.

Next– I do this thing. I don’t know if Scott Notices it– but almost every night after he drops me off I go and hop on my couch, kneeling so my chest is to the back of the couch– which consequently means you can see right outside through the little peep in the curtains. I watch him drive away. I don’t know why I do– I just do. *shrugs* I guess I should put a Mush warning on here. I don’t care. People should know by now that i’m just all sorts of gushie and what not.

I can’t think of the other things I wanted to say– *sighs* Blah. Oh well. I’m sure there are other odd intricacies of me that I’ll get around to exposing. None of them are embarrassing. … or at least I don’t think they are. Psh. Would I be putting them on here if they were?

The parents meeting went about as I had imagined. the snuggling level was prime. I still lost at the on going tickle war…. curse these tiny hands of mine. *sighs* I’m going to have some pretty nice bruises on my legs (on an unrelated note) I had a little girl sit on my lap today in primary, and she was a foot swinger… right into my leg, like fifty times in five minutes. So that’s gonna be nice. I’m going to have my little pretties burnt off my foot tomorrow. Good bye you little pieces of hell. (seriously hurts to walk or stand too long thanks to the little bits) It’s like my own personal hell on earth, and hopefully after a few treatments, I won’t have them anymore. 😀

This week is Spring Break (Huzzah!!!) so I’m gonna be bummin’ around my house, hobbling as llittle as possible. Maybe sending someone out to get me humorous new slippers (I have six pair at least… I love Slippers. What can I say?) Spending time with Scott– as much as possible if i have my way. I’ll also be calling up a few of my friends whom love me to bits and pieces (because I say so.) and see if they can help me out with the wedding stuff. (Piano player and florist) Of course not for free (psh, I wouldn’t for free!) but in a symbiotic “I help you you help me” Kind of way.

Did I mention I”m trying to grow my nails out again? I find that it helps when scratching Scott’s back, long nails are more effective. Go figure that one out. Also, I’ve been trying to quit biting them for a while now. If I can make it through this wedding planning without biting, then I can make it through anything. 🙂

Okay, I think I”m done for today– Unless something major happens between now and midnight.

Derringer Meryl [Being in Love is the greatest thing] Out

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