For sure, this week. Scott (as I have mentioned previously) always gets us breakfast friday mornings. Hallelujah, can I tell you, AWESOME. I felt a particular brand of “I want to die” this morning that i didn’t particularly enjoy. I persuaded katie to lay in bed for an extra 1 1/2 hours with me because I felt so sick. BTW– I hate the way that cooked eggs smell this pregnancy. Can’t stand it. No cooked eggs. (no raw ones for that matter either…)

This week was my father in law’s birthday, that seems like a fairly unremarkable event in some terms– but my father in law was not an unremarkable man. I did not know him long, but I knew that he loved his family, and me. He was smart, and he didn’t take any crap from anyone.  I think about him a lot. Think about “What would Dave Do?” from time to time. I think about how thin and hazy life is here. Hard to remember, hard to forget. It’s funny how we let traumatic things imprint on us in unmovable ways, but we let happier things wash away with the metaphorical tide.  I want to hold on to the happy things better. I shouldn’t remember the mean things that have been done or said to (or about) me, but remember the sweet things that people have done for me, or said to me.  The one thing I remember most about Dave, is that while he liked to kid people, he didn’t antagonize you. Which I suppose upon reading it sounds a bit contradictory. But he’d kid me about something as soon as I’d start to get worked up, he’d say “you’re fine, you’re fine.” I find myself saying it a lot, to lots of people.  He loved Boy Scouts, he was a dedicated man. He would help you when you needed it, and he had a kind smile.  We miss you Dave.

I’m hoping that tonight while Scott goes out to party with his friends (wahoo) I can get some SERIOUS house work done. It’s tough with Scott and I’s Schedule to get much done around the house. I’m hoping a few loads of laundry, Toys put away, trash taken out… etc etc. It’s a lot easier to do without Katie underfoot (but I love her for her shennanigans, it’s just hard to put away toys when as quick as you get them away, she has them back out!) I’ll probably listen to the twilight soundtrack another 10 times, and do some grocery shopping too. I don’t mind that Scott is going out without me, I do miss the fact that it’s an evening w/o him, which is sad — but there is much to do, and not much time to do it in– so I gotta do what I gotta do. 🙂 Laundry, Dishes…

and Heaven help me if I forget to buy another bottle brush, i’ll go insane, There’s no way to clean our glasses/sippy cups w/o a bottle brush!

I’ve been trying to plan out our meals a bit better lately, make sure that it’s not just “Eh I’m tired, lets get fast food.” Because that’s expensive (for one thing!) but it’s not too healthy. I’m trying to balance out our fridge, which is a bit OVER zealous when it comes to our veggie crisper, it freezes things. (I think it’s a veggie crisper!) so that’s no good. Frozen Salad, is PUKEY Salad. I’m hoping to continue a N. family Tradition with the H family. We usually have a relish tray for Thanksgiving, and it’s always so yummy! So I’m going to get a few things together for that for sure. YUM.

I hope I don’t go over my budget! :-S Must be careful while shopping, List only!

Today has been a lovely day. It was warm and sunny. My Family pics got done yesterday and AmyLee is sending them to me posthaste. If you’d like to view a few of them that she has up on her blog, click here I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to get prints made and make a collage. 😀 SO thrilled! 😀 I’m also excited that already a few people I know have expressed interest in getting their pictures taken by AmyLee, so if you’d like to, please let me know, and I’ll get you her contact info 😉

I’m super excited for tomorrow. it’s a full day, but a good day! 🙂 I’m particularly excited that I might maybe possibly who knows yet, be meeting my brother’s fiance. yeah I know, crazy I havent’ met her yet. They wanted to save the most unstable person for last 😉 hahah </ sarcastic laugh> Even if She isn’t able to come, I’m excited to spend time iwth my family– I don’t get to often due to — well having so many friends– and just being generally lame… I’m happy when I can work it out so we can. Poor Scott will be tired, but I think he should have lots of sleep in the morning (while I drop Katie at Carebear’s then go shopping at four different stores around town getting Christmas sealed up in a nice little bow. 🙂

its a good weekend plan– let’s see how it goes. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Honey Honey] Out


The Weirdest Sensation

To know you’re pregnant, but not feel it. Other than a few bouts of “MAN i wish I could throw up” and my need to pee like 20 times a day, nothing has really changed at all. It’s weird. Oh well.

Katie read a book in bed this morning (in our bed, she went to sleep at 9pm and slept most of the night in her own bed, but around 5 woke up and came into mine. I don’t mind too much. I know that once she’s in the basement in a big girl bed, she will probably roll out of bed, and fall asleep somewhere  along the way. She’s done it before … only rolling out of Scott and I’s bed. LOL. I’m trying to write down all the things Katie is going to need, and the new baby will need when the time comes. I think we’ll be better prepared this time (duh) but we will need LOTS of clothes if we have a boy, as currently we HAVE no boy clothes. Though I think we have a few pieces that could go either way.

Scott made Chicken Enchilada’s (YEAH! I KNOW!) on Monday and we had them as left overs last night. They were so awesome. Then I ran Katie to the store to pick up a few things we need to last us the week. (Bread Milk, eggs… cookies. You know stuff like that)  and she zoned out in the car. It was less than five minutes in the car, and she was DONE. I watched a few episodes of FMA last night, as I would rank it as one of the TOP five Anime Ever. Why? The story is complex, but not impossible to follow, they explain it, but they dont’ spell it out. There is a small einsy smidgeon of romance for those who have enough of an imagination to see it — and lots of laughs and hilarity you expect in an Anime. It’s re-watchable, which is desirable in an anime, and if you watch the movie too, it has a pretty good ending. I realized that even though i wasn’t tired I probably better go to bed (and thusly did) as Katie would probably be rising early. She didn’t really. She’s a cuddle bug though, and wants to cuddle you when sleeping. I don’t mind having someone next to me when sleeping, however I do not enjoy being burrowed into while sleeping. So I ended up sleeping upsidedown on the bed as Katie chased me (in a sleepy state) trying to nuzzle next to me. Scott brought home donuts, which make me say yay!

I’m excited about my Brother’s impending marriage… is impending the right word? That makes it sound forboding I think.  Impending… Upcoming would be better. Let’s just go with that. Upcoming wedding! Much better. I still haven’t met his fiancee, however I’m not often in Salt Lake. The majority of my day occurs looking otuside at some beautiful foliage/scenery, wishing I were anywhere but here (No offense to my co-workers, but i think if people were paid to live life, we’d all go for that job instead of the one we have.) They’ve opened new positions at work for “Customer Advocacy” However I won’t be applying. Mostly because I hate angry customers. Really. Sorry angry customers, you should work with someone who will be calm in dealing with you, and won’t need an antacid prescribed just to work with you.

Anyway– Off to work!
Derringer Meryl [Hiho Hiho, it’s off to work I go] Out



I’m fairly sure cheetos are the devil. I love them though. That’s sick right? Anyway.  I’m going to try hard to keep my weight for this pregnancy down. Here’s hoping! I know it’s going to be tough this Holiday Season– so I hope no one tempts me too badly.

Last night Scott and I watched about the election for a while. I have to admit– I am not really awe inspired. I would have been downright horrified if McCain had won, but I’m mostly just.. Yeah, we did the right thing. I’m not all shocked that a man of African decent was voted in either. I’m glad our country is outgrowing it’s prejudices.

Scott and I were talking last night, we both agree that marriage is a religious activity– and shouldn’t be governed by the state. I’m saddened by the events in California. We also feel the same way about abortion– it’s a personal decision. I have always believed very deeply in agency of each person and while there are some things that are fundamentally wrong (stealing, murdering, rape, etc etc) some things fall into a grey area where the state, or the people within it are not able, and should NOT be able to make those choices for a person.

I usually perfer not to speak on such things as I usually have a nice way of sticking my foot in my mouth– So I’ll end it there.

Katie was HORRIFICALLY grumpy last night. Like REALLY bad. I got home from work and she was napping, so I decided to clean as much as I could before she woke up. I got the kitchen done and started on dinner when she woke up and began to scream. The screaming did not stop until I had her in my arms. She seems to be in some sort of chronic pain. I don’t know what to do for her. she has no fever, no signs of illness other than screaming and screaming.  Last night’s culprit seemed to be some gas stuck in her intestines, and if it felt like my stomach does when I have that problem, it’s like I have eaten glass and knives. I got her some apple juice (Scott made it for her, bless his heart) and tried to finish up dinner. Which was an interesting event as she wanted to be pinned between me and the counter for whatever reason. I did my best to ignore her,  while getting dinner ready. We had Shephard’s Pie, which was yummy, but needed a tad more salt. That was fine, Scott and i added it after it was done cooking. YUM! I’m not a genius at cooking, but at least the things I can make always turn out really well…. MINUS THE FREAKING CINNAMON ROLLS!! Which I might attempt again this weekend…

We settled down to catch up on some of my shows from earlier in the week and late last week after Scott had nodded off and I grew tired of watching the guys talking about the election repeat themselves a lot. Katie has discovered the volume knob on the stereo, whcih makes watching TV aggrivating. It seems like there isn’t much we can do that ISN’T aggrivating any more.

I’m really excited, I hope my friend Amy can do our family Pics ASAP (I need to get a date arranged, maybe the saturday after thanksgiving?)

I better go and be productive … 😉

Derringer meryl [love love love] out

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