Really Spammer guy? I assume you’re a guy. You seem really interested in selling me Levitra or some such crap. STOP IT. Sheesh.


Working on a grocery list. Ever feel like you’re forgetting something? Yeah me too. Audrey went to her … 2 year well check up. Went well. Doctor says she’s Very intellegent. katie wasn’t talking this well at her age, but Audrey has a very smart older sister to teach her all of her tricks. They mimic each other and it’s like having two of the cutest (and most annoying) children ever.


I went to instacare today. I’ve pulled a muscle in my side, It hurts. I cannot pick up anything for 2 weeks over 10 lbs. and rotate through Ibuprofen for 3 days (three times daily) So that’s fun. I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. I’m in a terrible mood lately and It’s probably because I can’t sleep at the right times. I get tired after work and can’t stay awake, but when it comes down to sleeping at night, screw that, I can’t. 😛


Anyway– Better go try and sleep.


Derringer Meryl [Things to do.] Out

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