Ok, I swear

I did my hair. Scott can vouch. I was trying to upload it on the way to the girl’s dentist appointments today.

I kind of got side tracked… by the need for a root canal on my not even 4 year old girl. GOOD FREAKIN GRIEF! Life is interesting. I feel like a really big failure as a mom. Like I Wasn’t trying hard enough. Didn’t brush her teeth enough. The truth is… yeah I didn’t make it a priority. My mistake. I shouldn’t wallow and act like I’m going to DIE because of it. THat’s just how life is. Rough. BUT ok. Stuff happens. And while a root canal isn’t “small stuff” I’m not going to rake myself over the coals internally. I will sternly remind myself that we are trying harder. Flossing, flouride-izing, brushing. We’re trying to improve — always. SO, no worries.

Anyway. Piggie tails, I did my make up, but I doubt by the time I got to Little P’s party that it looked any sort of good.

PS: I love you Lil’ P! Happy Birthday!

Off to bed. Dying of exhaustion. Hopefully friday I can catch up on laundry and house work!

Derringer Meryl [I think I need a hobby] Out

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30 day challenge


Makeup and hair everyday for 30 days. For me… this time a challenge from me to me!! Yes!!

Picture first day attached!!!

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