Oh That Cunning and wiley Devil….

I love to watch my counter steadily go up because of my entertainment value. It’s really quite interesting. 🙂 That’s why I love you guys.

Anyway, I came back from my shopping trip with:

A new black (very swanky) t-shirt, Two new pair of earrings (i haven’t bought earrings since I was fourteen), A very snazzy set of dice, a drink for my mom and I, and a slip (cause I can’t find mine)

I’ve decided on wearing a skirt I already own (which is pretty amazing since i found a pink skirt I fell in love with, but decided against buying for the sheer price of it.) Mom thought it was funny that I spent two hours in a shopping mall and came out with a plain black t-shirt and earrings. I corrected her by saying that the shirt was pretty spiffy, and not bad at all. *nods*

I went and Talked to J-bob for a minute after I got my dice, did I mention they are the coolest dice ever?? And I told him everyone at the store has all the sudden gone “Lets go drinking” crazy. Cept Gert, and recently Guts. The thing is, Guts is pretty dang cool. He knows what i mean when I say that I don’t have to drink to know it isn’t that much fun. Mom said she could bartend for them, mix em up some drinks, charge $300 for the one drink, and they could have the same experience as being drunk, with one drink. Mom’s not an alcohol enthusiast, she planned on giving them some of this Fleet stuff, and it literally is designed to clean you out. *nods* She figured she could make a tidy sum off of charging them a ton of money to go and get ten dollars worth of that stuff. Trust me, it’d make you never want to drink anything my mom gave you again. *shakes her head* Yep, i’d have to say it’s the extereme drinking experience.

Anyway. I took a long nap this afternoon. I think I’ve been this odd kind of testy lately. Extremely defensive of my good mood. (Grood Mood. I mean Good, and great. Great and good.) So anything that could possibly set me off in a bad mood, makes me angry really fast, and then I’m back. It’s like being the hulk or something. Today at the mall some girls (teens, psh) were making rude noises at my mom and i. Normally I’d write it off to adolescence and how hard it must be to be a girl now a days (I know, but really.) and somehow demeaning other people gave those girls a boost. Well, I wasn’t about to let their boost set my boost down lower. Normally I’m really passive, but I went to tell Customer service. I’m in with the Security at the mall (I used to work there.. heh.) So I told them, and the girls got kicked out.

Now, you could look at it as mean, but I’m not really tolerating anyone who is raining on my bloody nice parade. I’ve been extremely nice to people who rang me up today, even if they were pretty ditzy, and Just really– Nice. Those girls made me want to maim them…. making dog barking noises at me and my mom. It may make me a tattle tail, but life is hard enough without having stupid teenage girls sit (not do anything productive) just sit at the mall and make fun of passing people. The world doesn’t really need that. I mean, if you’re gonna hang out at the mall. Play tag, try on clothes, play a board game, play hide and go seek. I don’t care. Just don’t rain on my parade.

*sighs* now i’ve made enough of a deal about that… I should probably get to work on my essay, and what not. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Homework… is the devil] Out

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