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Sometimes I romantisize about my teen years. i think most everyone does from time to time. I think though the most that i miss is all the opportunities I had. The freedom… was unbelievable.

However… after reading through all my old entries (or at least a years worth) and my horrible puppy dog-ness over several different grown men… It’s nauseating. I won’t edit really… Because honestly it is what it is. I was very honest and real with the things i wrote. I was uninhibited. I miss that the most. Do you know what I find to be more than slightly hillarious though? I’m reading through where one of my ex’s asked me to move in with him ( and NO, not in a romantic sense) and it still feels weird to think about. Even after all these years, and even after marrying and moving in with Scott– the idea of moving in with someone of the opposite sex– is WEIRD. LOL.

anyway. I better get back to transferring over. One year down, six to go!

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