Baby names

We don’t have any. OK. we don’t have any we agree on. What an update right? Scott likes Tycho Li for a boy and has no names for a girl. I have a passel of boy’s names I like that Scott hates (a passel being three apparently: Emmett LaMar,  William Alexander, Gabriel Tycho) or at the very least really dislikes. I like older sounding names that can be shortened. Emmett doesn’t really fall in there, but William to Will and Gabriel to Gabe. I also like Other names like Wesley and Levi, but have no coordinating middle names for them.

As far as girls names go, we are pretty uninspired. I like Brynn Leigh. But I don’t like Brinn Leigh. Which is purely aesthetics. I know, spelling shouldn’t matter, and for that matter why two ‘n’s? why not just one? I don’t know. I like the way it looks. Another name I really like is Petra, as well as Kara.

Scott has been stubborn about talking about names. Apparently my doctor won’t let you try an ultrasound prior to 20 weeks, so I’m SOL until later next month. I’m so jealous. Scott and I are antsy to find out. Mostly me. I’m such a planner that I want to figure out which way I need to go… Do I need to plan for a bunkbed, or just a Big girl Katie bed? I definitely need to get her a “I’m the big sister” shirt. 🙂 OY! Crazy.

Last night as I was waiting for an appointment I saw a little boy running around. He looked like he was probably around 15 months or so. He was cute. I realize I’m not dreading having this baby, I’m dreading going back to having A baby. Where they can’t talk to you, and they can’t tell you anything. I was getting so used to Katie’s ability to tell me yes or no or even specifically what she wanted for lunch. It is so nice (In exciting Katie news, she ate a whole corn dog for lunch without any extra goading. YAY!) I’m not looking forward to going back to the vomit and the crying and the late nights and middle of the night stuff. BUT, time marches on and just like Katie, our new baby will get older.

Hopefully he’ll get older with a name that I like.

Derringer Meryl {I just call it ‘Him’ because that’s my prerogative] Out

PS: Scott would like me to add that he thinks the name Emmett LaMar is Ugly. I would like to add that I think it flows well, and that Scott is a dork. LOL. Just kidding. How about this? We both toss out the boys names the other person doesn’t like. So you can drop Tycho Li and I’ll drop Emmett LaMar. OK?

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